Tropical Vines

Allamanda 'Cherries Jubilee'

Suffused with candy-pink and mauve tones, this stunning flower is produced on vigorous vines which thrive in full sun. We have found the unusual coloration to be an exciting element in combination plantings, and always seems to spark curiousity and conversation with visitors in the greenhouse.

Amazon Jungle Vine (Cissus amazonica)

This vine exudes a true tropical feel. Rarely offered, amazonica has elloquent blue-green leaves with broad white veining, densely packed on red, tendril climbing stems. Grow on bright indirect light, or part shade & provide plenty of moisture.

Arrow Vine 'Emerald Gem' (Nepthytis / Syngonium 'Emerald Gem)

Amongst the most boldly variegated foliage we've seen, 'Emerald Gem' produces a managerie of virgin white & emerald green leaves, with some being entirely,or almost entirely white! Super easy to grow, Arrow Vines are one of the oldest houseplants, & like bright indirect, or moderately low light. Like its predecessors, this plant is toxic, so keep it away from pets & small children. 



This ever popular mediterranean vine is often grown (with ample pruning) as a flowering tropical shrub or tree. The semi-translucent tissue paper-like bracts form in clusters of three, and play with natural light and shading in spectacular measure. We offer these plants in a variety of colors, with and without variegated foliage. Bouganvilla are heavy feeders. We recommend using a "Bloom Builder", and growing in full sun for best results.

  Blue Butterfly Flower (Clerodendron ugandense)

This unusual blue-flowering plant is a definite conversation sparker given both its color, and its unique flower form.  The dainty blooms resemble small blue butterflies which dance on the branch tips in even the most tender breeze. This ironically, is also a great tropical vine choice for attracting butterflies. Clerodendron blooms best in full sun, but will tollerate dappled shade.

Bower Vine (Pandorea jasminoides 'Variegata')

The richly variegated foliage of this twining relative of Trumpet Vines compliments the fragrant flowers. Blooms are large, light pink, with a deep pink throat. Grows best in full sun to part shade.

Climbing Lily (Gloriosa rothschildiana 'Superba')

Like pendant fireworks which hang from clear green climbing foliage, bicolor red & yellow blooms are produced throughout the summer. Unlike other tendril limers, this plant climbs via long tightly wrapping tendril produced at the tip of the leaves, rather than from the stems. Give it high light, & plan on a real show-stopper!

Clock Vine (Thunbergia mysorensis)

Clusters of exotic yellow & purple-brown dangle gracefully from this plant from mid-spring through fall. A true tropical treasure, it likes part or bright shade. Take care not to over-water it.

Confederate Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

This easy to grow, vigorous, self twining  vine produces delicate white blooms generously graced with the sweet fragrance of Jasmine. Flowers up to 1" in size are composed of five petals, each gently curled upon it self, presenting a pinwheel effect. Trachelospermum are heavy feeders which perform best when fed with a "bloom building" fertilizer. As with most vigorous growing plants, too much nitrogen can diminish the appearance of blooms. Full Sun.

Dipladenia 'Red Riding Hood'

Generous cavalcades of large, candy-pink blooms adorn this free-flowering vine. Blooms are offset by the deep green foliage, which is smooth and glossy, giving the plant a very aritocratic appearance. Smaller growing than its cousins (Mandevilla), this plant is of manageable size suitable for containers. While most references recommend full sun for Dipladenia, many of our customers report excellent result in part shade.

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Giant Crimson'

With all the benefits and features of 'Red Riding Hood', this variety boasts large, sassy lipstick-red flowers providing classic contrast in any sunny garden. Suitable for growing on a trellis, in containers, combination planters, or even hanging baskets, 'Sun Parasol' is a versitile and effective variety for adding a splash of flash. Grow in full sun or part shade.

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Giant Pink'

NEW for 2011! These bushy, dark green, vining plants boast a plethora of large pink blooms certain to attract hummers! Suitable for growing on a trellis, in containers, combination planters, or even hanging baskets, 'Sun Parasol' is a versitile and effective variety for adding a splash of flash. Grow in full sun or part shade.

Mandevilla 'Alice DuPont'

'Alice' has long been the standard for tropical flowering vines in temperate gardens, and with good reason. Generously sized sift pink blooms continue in profussion throughout the growing season. Much more vigorous than Dipladenia, it is an ideal choice for gracing an arbor in a single season. Full sun to part shade.

Mandevilla 'Super Trouper'

Over the years, on occasion, we've seen 'Alice DuPont' produce double blooms, and wondered how long it would be before someone introduced a true double-blooming Mandevilla. Well, the wait is over!. With all the attributes of Alice, 'Super Trouper' is a welcome addition to our temperate vines. We're not yet sure how the hummers will respond, but we know we like it! Full sun to part shade.

Passion Vine (Passiflora)

Stunningly bizarre and unique, Passion Vines are most often grown for their enchanting flowers. During the growing season, we offer a constantly changing supply of varieties which range from whites and purples, through blues, soft orange, and red. Among these varieties, we also offer Passiflora edulis which is prized for its "Passion Fruit" which follow the flowers, if provided a sufficiently extended growing season. (We've seen some fruit on them in the greenhouse as early as September.) We also carry winter-hardy varieties suitable for a sheltered area in sun, such as south or east wall.     

Pelican (or Calico) Flower (Aristolochia)

These vines are truely the masters of flowers which qualify as spectacularly bizarre. Somewhat elusive, and often hard to find, we offer several varieties in limited quantities during the growing season. All forms of the plant have flower buds often described as looking like a bladder, repleat with intricate veins. Blooms range from intricately mottled like Aristolochia littoralis (Calico Flower) to staggeringly enormous like A. grandiflora (Pelican Flower), reaching up to 12" or more in size!

Queen's Wreath (Petrea volubilis)

A stunning profusion of cascading panicles appear from summer into fall. If provided the shelter of a greenhouse, blooms will continue through winter! Also known as Sandpaper Vine, for its thick coarse leaves, it may also be refered to as Purple Wreath Vine, Bluebird Vine, and Fleur de Dieu. Grow in full sun or filtered shade. This plant will tolerate frost & light freezes.

Rex Begonia Vine (Cissus discolor)

The strikingly dramatic foliage of this vine resembles the coloration of many Rex Begonias, hence the name. Each tapered leaf appears to be painted with silvery-white, highlighted with a finely serrated red edge and midrib. The back of each leaf is completely red, as are the stems and tendrils, providing ultimate contrast. Perfectly suitable for containers or combinations, this "tendril climber" can reach 10-12', thrives in part shade, and like to be evenly moist. Rex Begonia Vine makes a great houseplant.

Blue Sky Vine (Thunbergia grandiflora 'Blue Sky') 

Reaching up to 3" across, the deeply throated flowers of this vine are a soft and subtle blue. Complimented by deep green foliage, this "twining climber" blooms throughout the growing season, often in clusters. Given its rapid rate of growth, it is a novel alternative for covering arbors and trellises in a single season. Best grown with some protection of the hot afternoon sun, Blue Sky Vine like to be kept evenly moist.


Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Torafu'

This is the most colorfully leaved vine we know. New growth emerges with a brilliant shade of red, fading through orangy-peach-tones into yellow and green bi-colored leaves. The oldest leaves eventually turn to a dark, lusterous green, providing splendid contrast for the constant show of newer growth. Not a vigorous grower, 'Torafu' is ideal for a spectacular splash of foliage color in a combination planter, or as a houseplant. Full sun to light shade.

Tricolor Jasmine (Trachelospermum 'Tricolor')

Like confetti for containers, 'Tricolor' presents a constant and festive display of bright pink and white foliage. Newest leaves emerge vibrant pink, fading to pure white, followed by white and green spotted spectacles. Like her borther "Torafu', she is not a vigorous grower, so she's perfectly suited for containers and combination planters in need of some "Oh my gosh" - panache. Full sun ot part shade.

Variegated Vanilla Bean Orchid (Vanilla planifolia 'Variegata') 

Rare & unusual, yes, this is the variegated form of the plant which is the source of vanilla! Beginning to bloom at an age of 3 years, the stunning buttercream blooms will need to be hand-pollinated outside of their native habitat to produce the highly prized seed pods. Best grown in shade or filtered light, Vanilla make great housplants & should be kept evenly moist.


Wooly Morning Glory (Argyreia nervosa)

 Thick, fuzzy, silver stems give way to folded silver leaves that look like angel wings. Once open, leaves can reach over 12" in size. Not for the impatient gardener, Argyreia appear to stand nearly dormant until the mid summer heat. This plant is not for the timid gardener. One the heat arrives, we've seen this plant grow more than a foot in a single day! In 2005, we measured our specimen in the greenhouse. By fall it had multiple branches twining over 60' in length! This rarely offered plant like full sun.