Selections for 2017

Hybrid Tea Roses

Large flowers, generally long cutting stem. Medium-to tall in habit. Winter protection suggested.

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
All My Lovin FF Light red to dark pink Tall, slightly spreading
Chrysler Imperial FFF Velvety dark red Medium, upright
Cresendo FFF White-blushing pink Medium-tall
Double Delight FFF Cream/blushing red Medium
Elina F Soft yellow Medium-tall bushy
Gemini F Cream blushing coral pink Medium-tall/upright
Good As Gold FF Deep golden orange-yellow Tall/upright /bushy
Ingrid Bergman F Clear bright red Medium-low/bushy
Lasting Love FFF Dusky red Medium/upright
Love & Peace F Yellow blushed pink Medium/upright-bushy
Love’s Magic F Clear velvet red Very tall
Mister Lincoln FFF Velvet deep red Tall/upright
Neil Diamond FFF Pink/white stripes Tall/upright
Peace F Lemon yellow/edged pink Medium/bushy
Pink Peace FFF Bright deep pink Medium/upright
Pretty Lady FF Dark pink Medium/upright
Secret F Creamed blush /rich pink Medium/bushy
Sugar Moon FFF Pure white Tall/upright
Tahitian Sunset FFF Apricot yellow-blush pink Medium-tall/upright
Tropicana FF Clear coral-orange Medium-tall

Grandiflora Roses

Large flowers  borne in clusters. Taller in habit. Suitable for cutting

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
About Face F Golden orange Tall/upright
Anna’s Promise FF Golden tan Tall/upright
Ch-Ching FFF Lemon yellow Medium-tall/upright bushy
Dream Come True F Yellow ruby blend Tall/upright/bushy
Happy Go Lucky FF Pure yellow Medium-tall/ rounded bushy
Miss Congeniality FF White/pink picotee Medium-tall/upright bushy
Queen Elizabeth FF Clear pink Tall/upright
Strike It Rich FFF yellow with orange/pink Medium-tall/upright bushy
Twilight Zone FFF Deep velvet purple Medium/rounded

Floribunda Roses

Medium sized flowers borne in clusters. More compact in habit.

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Cinco De Mayo FF Smoky lavender-orange bl Medium/rounded bushy
Day Breaker F Pastel peach &yellow Medium-tall/upright bushy
Distant Drums FF Unusual tan-orchid pink Medium/upright
Easy Does It FF Mango peach & apricot Medium/rounded bushy
Easy To Please FF Fushia pink Medium/tall/upright
Edith’s Darling Y FFF Soft Apricot Short/upright/bushy
Hot Cocoa FF Smoky chocolate orange Medium-tall/ rounded
Julia Child FFF Butter gold Medium-tall/ bushy
Jump For Joy F Peachy-pink Medium/very rounded/bushy
Livin Easy FF Apricot orange blend Medium/rounded
Love Song F Clear lavender Medium rounded/bushy
Moondance F Creamy white Tall/upright
Oh My! F Deep red velvet Medium-tall/upright bushy
Scentimental FFF Red swirled with white Medium/rounded
Take It Easy F Red with lighter reverse Medium/upright & bushy
Tuscan Sun F Deep apricot-orange 3-4′
Violet’s Pride FFF Lavender with magenta 3-4′
White Licorice FFF Lemon cream Medium/upright & bushy

Climbing Roses

Long arching canes can be trained to grown on structures.

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Above All FF Salmon-orange blend 10-14′ spreading
Cancan Y F red/pink 10′ hardy
Cloud 10 Y F Pure white 7-8′ hardy
Cupid’s Kisses FF Bright pink 8′
Dublin Bay FF Clear red 8′-10′
Eden Y F Pink blend  8′-10′
John Davis Y F Pink 7’+ Very hardy
New Dawn F Cameo pink 18′-20′ Vigorous
Pretty in Pink Eden Y F Deep pink 10-12′
Sally Holmes F Buff buds open pure white 6-12′
Sky’s The Limit F Buttery yellow 10′-12′
Stormy Weather F Smoky purple-magenta 8′-10′
Tropical Lightning FF Orange/smoky cream stripe 10-12′
William Baffin Y Pink 8′-10′ Very hardy
Winners Circle Y Red 10-12′
Zepherine Drouhin FFF Cerise pink 8′-10′    *thornless

English Roses * Can be used  as a climber

David Austin Roses: A collection of beautiful shrubs, old fashioned flower form & fragrance.

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Boscobel FFF Rich Salmon upright 3′ vigorous
Carding Mill Y FFF Apricot pink 4′
Charlotte FF Soft yellow 4′
Gertrude Jekyll FFFF Rich pink 5′
Heritage FFF Soft pink 5′ +*
Olivia Rose Austin FFF Soft pink 4′
Queen of Sweden Y FFF Soft pink 4′
Strawberry Hill Y FFFF Rose pink 5’*
Teasing Georgia- Y FFF Rich yellow 4’+ *
The Alnwick Rose Y FF Soft pink 4′
The Poets Wife FFF Strong yellow 4′
Tranquility Y FF Pure White upright 5′
Lady of Shallott Y FF Pale copper/orange 4′ *
Wollverton Old Hall Y FFFF Apricot/yellow 5’+ *

Easy Elegance Roses

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
All The Rage* Y Apricot Blend Everblooming 3′-4′
Grandma’s Blessing* Y F Medium pink 3′
High Voltage* Y F Medium yellow 3′-5′
Kashmir* Y F Dark red 4′
Kiss Me Y FFF Pink Blend 3′-4′
Macy’s Pride Y F Creamy white 4′-5′
My Girl Y Deep pink 3-4′
Music Box Y Yellow blend 3-5′ Everblooming
Pinktopia* Y Medium pink 4′  Everblooming
Sunrise Sunset* Y Pink Blend Spreading 2′-3′
Super Hero* Y Medium red Everblooming 3′-4′
Sweet Fragrance* Y FFF Apricot Everblooming 3′-4′

Shrub Roses

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Carefree Wonder F Bright pink Medium-tall/bushy
Lemon Fizz Y Golden yellow 3-4′ bushy/upright
Red Ribbons   *Groundcover Y Bright lasting red Medium-low/spreading
Sunshine Happy Trails* Y F Med yellow-buttery gold Low/trailing/spreading
  White Out* Y White Medium 3′-4′

Drift Roses  Groundcover

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
  Apricot Drift * Y Apricot 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Coral Drift * Y Coral 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Pink Drift * Y Pink 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Red Drift* Y Red 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
 Sweet Drift * Y Pink 1.5′ h x 3′ w

Miniature Roses

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Cutie Pie* Y F Peach &yellow dark pink Low/rounded/bushy
Ruby Ruby* Y Cherry red 12″-18″ rounded
Smoke Rings * Y Orange, smoky purple edge 12″-18″ compact/rounded

Carpet Roses – Groundcover

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Amber* Y
Coral* Y
Pink Supreme* Y
White* Y
Scarlet* Y

Knock Out Roses

Rose Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit
Blushing Knock Out* Y Light pink  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Double Knock Out * Y Cherry red  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Pink Double Knock Out  * Y Bubble gum pink  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Pink Knock Out    * Y Bubble gum pink  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Knock Out   * Y Cherry red  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Sunny Knock Out * Y FF Creamy yellow  fades to white  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′