12 Great Back to School Plants

These back to school plants are perfect for students that are in need of low-maintenance, hard-to-kill, compact plants.

Pilea Peperomioides

pilea peperomiodes school plants

Simply adorable – this compact houseplant thrives in low-light, has round leaves, and grows slowly.  


succulents school plants telly's greenhouse

Is watering plants low on your “to do” list? Succulents thrive in bright light with minimal watering. Telly’s has hundreds of interesting varieties available.


cactus school plants telly's greenhouse

Like succulents, cacti do well in bright light and don’t need much watering. Telly’s has many varieties and sizes available.

Peperomia ‘Rosso’

peperomia rosso school plants telly's greenhouse

Gaining in popularity in recent years, this pretty plant is slow-growing and loves low light. It has striking, bi-colored leaves.

Aloe ‘White Fox’

aloe white fox school plants telly's greenhouse

This isn’t your mother’s aloe vera. With gorgeous foliage, this succulent is surprisingly low-light tolerant. It’s also slow-growing and drought-tolerant.

Rattlesnake Plant

rattlesnake plant calathea school plants telly's greenhouse

There are many versions of this low light, low maintenance plant.


jade school plants telly's greenhouse

Unleash your inner artist – this low-light succulent responds well to shaping/styling. It can even be used as a bonsai.


schefflera school plants telly's greenhouse

Bigger space? This vigorous, low-light plant likes to spread out and grows easily with minimal care.

Spider Plant

spider plant school plants telly's greenhouse

An oldy but a goody – this ever-popular houseplant is extremely durable and does well in low-light locations.


pothos school plants telly's greenhouse

Another old favorite – Pothos has a cascading habit. Telly’s has several varieties, all of which thrive in low light

Sansevieria ‘Fernwood’

sanseveria school plants telly's greenhouse

Sansevieria will grow nearly anywhere. Telly’s has several varieties from which to choose ranging from just a few inches to 3’ tall. ‘Fernwood’ sports unique, upright foliage and a compact habit.

ZZ Plant

zz plant school plant telly's greenhouse

Black thumb? This architectural plant tolerates low light and minimal watering.