More than four decades ago, George and Mark were youngsters who had set up a roadside stand at their house on John R. Rd. to sell plants they had started and grown themselves. Their entrepreneurship proved productive and profitable. So much so, that it kept them busy until it was time for George to go off to study medicine at the University of Michigan. There, George pursued a career of nurturing people rather than plants for four full years. But each summer, he came home to tend to the flower stand. By that time, the operation had grown into a full blown seasonal business. George soon found that along with his love of cultivating beautiful flowers for many Troy residents and other passers-by, he also enjoyed the challenges of growing the business.

The major dilemma of George’s life came in the summer of 88′ when he had to make the decision to apply for entrance into medical school or to re-commit his life to developing Telly’s Greenhouse and Garden Center.

With a lot of support from his parents, Gust and Niki, George chose Telly’s and has parlayed that little table full of homegrown flowers into acres of healthy, burgeoning blooms. Blooms that grace the flower boxes of apartments, the yards of suburban homes, and the gardens of estates throughout the tri-county area.

While George developed the greenhouse and garden center, his brother Mark has been developing Telly’s Nursery, selling trees and shrubs. Side by side the two boys have grown their businesses. Giving Telly’s Greenhouse and Garden Center customers a wide selection of plants, great quality, and friendly, knowledgeable service at a reasonable price.