Selections for 2023

• =Own Root        NF= No fragrance        MF= Moderate Fragrance        SF= Strong Fragrance      VF= Very Strong Fragrance
Hybrid Tea Roses
Large flowers, generally long cutting stem. Medium-to tall in habit. Winter protection suggested.
All My Loving MF Light red to dark pink Tall, slightly spreading
Cheers & Champange • F Red to deep pink, cream reverse Medium 3′-4′, Upright
Chrysler Imperial F Velvety dark red Tall 3′-6′
Dee-Lish • SF Deep pink Tall 6′-6 1/2′, Upright
Double Delight F Cream/blushing red Medium 3′-5′, Slightly spreading
Eleganza Beverly • SF Pink Medium 4′-4 1/2′, Upright
Eleganza Sunny Sky • MF Yellow Medium 4′-5′, Upright
Firefighter SF Dusky velvet red Tall 5′-6′, Upright
Fragrant Cloud SF Deep coral red-orange Medium 3′-5′, Bushy
Heavenly Scented SF Salmon 4′-5′, Upright
Lasting Love SF Dusky red blended deep pink Medium 3′, Upright
Love at First Sight F Red with White reverse 3-4′ upright, Compacted
Make Me Blush Yellow blushed with Pink 4′-5′, Upright
Michelangelo • SF Yellow Tall 5′, Upright
Mister Lincoln SF Velvet deep red Tall 3′-6 1/2″, Upright
Moonlight Romantica • SF Light yellow sometimes suffused w/white Tall up to 6′, Upright
Neil Diamond SF Pink with white stripes Tall up to 5′, Upight
Olympiad MF Red Medium-tall 3′-5′, Upright
Painted Porcelain F White-splashed pink w/cream reverse 3 1/2′-5′, Upright, Bushy
Parfuma Bliss • VF Creamy pink, apricot center Medium 3′, Upright
Peace F Lemon yellow/edged pure pink Medium 4′-6 1/2′, Bushy
Perfume Delight SF Deep rose pink Medium-Tall up to 4′, Upright
Perfume Factory VF Magenta fading lavender-pink 4′-5′, Bushy, Upright
Pinkerbelle • SF Picotte pink/lavendar suffused w/cream Tall 5 1/2″, Upright
Pretty Lady Rose SF Dark even pink Medium 3″, Upright
Princesse Charlene de Monaco • SF Light Apricot, Shell Pink Tall 5′-5 1/2′, Upright
Raspberry Cupcake • VF Medium pink suffused w/ lighter pink Medium 4′, Bushy
Romantica Ball Gown • VF Medium pink Tall up to 6′, Upright
Sugar Moon VF Pure white Tall 5′-6′, Upright
Sweet Madamselle • SF Peachy-pink in cooler temperatures, to apricot in the heat Tall up to 5′, Upright
Top Cream • VF White sometimes suffused with light pink Tall up to 6′, Upright
Grandiflora Roses
Large flowers  borne in clusters. Taller in habit. Suitable for cutting
About Face NF Golden yellow interior with a bronzy orange reverse Tall 5′-6′, Upright
All Dressed Up MF Light pink Tall 4′-5′, Upright
Ch-Ching SF Bright clear yellow Medium-tall 5′-6.5′ Upright
Dream Come True MF Yellow blushed ruby-red Tall 5’7″-6’7″, Upright
Fragrant Plum SF Lavender blushing purple Tall 5′-6′, Upright
Fun In The Sun SF Creamy yellow-apricot with pink shades Medium 4′-4.5′, Upright
Happy Go Lucky SF Even pure yellow Medium 3′-5′ Upright/Round, very bushy
Parade Day SF Fuchsia pink striped with bright white Medium-tall 5′-6 / Upright
Pop Art MF Pink and yellow striped Medium 2′-5′, Upright
Queen Elizabeth MF Clear pink Tall 5′-10′, Upright
Rock and Roll VF Wild striped of burgundy, red & white Medium 4’1″-4’7″, Upright
Ruby Red • MF Red Medium 4 1/2′-5′, Upright
State of Grace MF Golden-yellow/apricot with deep pink revese Medium 3′-4′
Strike It Rich VF Deep golden yellow swirled & kissed with ruby red Medium-tall 5 3/4′-6’7″, Upright
Sweet Spirit • VF Cherry red Medium 3-4′, Bushy
Twilight Zone VF Deep velvet purple Medium 3′, Slightly spreading
Quest for Zest SF Yellow w/ lighter petals Medium 4′, Upright
Uptown Girl MF Coral-pink, with orange center tones Medium, rounded, bushy
Floribunda Roses
Medium sized flowers borne in clusters. More compact in habit.
Arctic Blue • MF Lilac pink fading lavender blue w/cream Medium 4′-5′
Bolero • SF White Medium 3′-4, Bushy
Burst of Joy • FF Orange and yellow Medium 4′-5′, Upright
Celestial Night • MF Deep plum purple Medium 4′-5′
Cinco De Mayo MF Blend of rust-red & lacender-smoke  Medium 3′-4′, Very Bushy
Desert Sky MF Brick-orange to mauve Compact 2 1/2′, Bushy
Easy Does It MF Orange & apricot Medium 3′-4′, Rounded bushy
Easy Spirit MF White w/ cream base Medium 3′-4′, Rounded bushy
Forever Amber MF Orange Cpmpact 1′-3′
Gilded Sun MF Deep yellow Medium up to 5′, Upright
Hot Cocoa MF Deep orange, red Medium 2′-5′, Bushy
Julia Child • SF Gold Medium  2′-3′, Bushy
Ketchup & Mustard • MF Red/yellow bicolor Medium 3′-4′,  Bushy
Livin’ Easy • MF Warm blendabl apricot-orange Medium 3′-5′, Bushy
Love Song MF Clear lavender Medium 3′-4′, Bushy
Oh My! MF Deep red velvet Medium 3′-4′, Upright/Bushy
Power Puff MF Medium to deep pink Medium 3 1/2′-4′, Bushy
Queen of Elegance • VF Pink Medium 4′-5′,Upright/Bushy
Rosie The Riveter MF Orange-gold suffused w/pink w/gold reverse Medium 3′-4, Bushy
Sunsprite F Bright yellow Upright, bushy
Sweet Madame Blue • FFFF Lavender with magenta centers Medium2′-3′, Bushy
Sweet Madame Blue FFFF Lavender with magenta centers Medium 2′-3′, Bushy
Veranda Mango MF Golden-yellow Medium 2 1/2′, Bushy
Climbing Roses
Long arching canes can be trained to grown on structures. *See also David Austin climber/shrubs
America • VF Coral 10′-12′
Arborose Florentina • MF Red 7′
Arborose Quicksilver • MF Lacender, Purple 7′
Dublin Bay MF Clear red 8′-12′
Eden MF Pink, White 10′-12′
Golden Opportunity SF Gold 8′-10′
Golden Showers MF Bright clear yellow 10′-14′
Lady In Red MF Dark red 8′-10′
New Dawn • VF Cameo pink 10′-20′
Sally Holmes MF Buff buds open to pure white 6′-12′
Sky’s The Limit MF Pastel yellow 8′-10′
Tropical Lighning MF Orange with cream stripes 10′-10″
Westerland VF Blended apricot and orange 4’11”-12′
White Dawn • VF Ivory White 20″-28″
Zephrine Drouhin • F Pink 10′-15′
David Austin English Roses
 A collection of beautiful shrubs, with old fashioned flower form & fragrance.
Bring Me Sunshine MF Orange-yellow Large shrub 4′
Claire Austin • SF Creamy white Medium climber 12′
Darcy Bussell • MF Crimson-pink Medium shrub 4′
Desdemona • SF White Medium shrub 4′
Emily Bronte SF Soft Pink Apricot Fading To Cream Medium shrub 4′
Eustacia Vye • SF Mid Pink and apricot Medium shrub 4′
Gabriel Oak • SF Deep pink Medium shrub 4′
Gertrude Jekyll SF Bright pink Short climber 10′
Harlow Carr SF Mid Pink Medium shrub 4′
James Austin • MF Deep pink Medium shrub 4′
Lady of Shalott• MF Orange Large shrub 5′
Munstead Wood SF Deep  velvety crimson Medium shrub 3′
Princess Alexandra of Kent • SF Bright pink Large shrub 5′
Princess Anne • MF Rich pink Large shrub 4′
Roald Dahl MF Apricot Medium shrub 4′
Scepterd Isle • SF Light Pink Large shrub 5′
Silas Marner • MF Mid pink Medium shrub 4′
Strawberry Hill • SF Mid pink Short Climber 10′
Teasing Georgia• MF Deep yellow Medium climber 12″
The Poet’s Wife • SF Rich yellow Medium shrub 4′
Vanessa Bell • MF Pale yellow Medium shrub 4′
Easy Elegance Roses
All The Rage • NF Apricot Blend 3′-5’x2′-4.5′
Calypso Rose • NF Apricot blend 2’x2′
Champagne Wishes • NF Apricot Blend 3′-4’x2′-3′
Coral Cove • NF Orange -pink blend 2′-3.5’x2-4.5′
Funny Face • NF Pink and white 3′-4′ tall
Grandma’s Blessing • NF Medium pink 2.5′-5’x3-4′
High Voltage • NF Medium Yellow 4-5’x2-4′
Kashmir • NF Dark red 3-4’x2-3′
My Girl • NF Deep pink 3-5’x3.5-5′
Oscar Peterson • NF Yellow then white 2-4’x2-3′
Sunrise Sunset • NF Pink Blend 3-6’x4-7′
Super Hero • NF Medium red 3-6’x3-6′
Sweet Fragrance• NF Apricot 2-4’x2-3′
Yellow Submarine • NF Yellow then white 2-4’x2-3′
Apricot Drift • NF Apricot  1.5’H X 2.5 W
Drift Peach • NF Peach 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Drift Pink • NF Pink 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Oranges n Lemons NF Orange striped yellow 6′ tall
Pearlescent • NF Pure white 3′-4′
Red Ribbons • F Bright lasting red 4-5′ tall & 3-4′ wide
Top Gun • NF Red 3-‘-4’
Miniature Roses
Life’s Little Pleasures • NF Lavender pink 2-3′ tall and wide
Midnight Fire • NF Orange smoky-purple 2-3′ tall and wide
Ruby Ruby • NF Cherry red 12”-20”
Sunblaze Autumn • NF Orange, red 12″-18″ rounded
Sunblaze Peach • F Orange, pink, and yellow Compact 12-15″
Knock Out Roses
Double Knock Out • MF Cherry red 3-4’x3-4′, Bushy
The Knock Out Red • NF 3-4’x3-4′, Bushy
Pink DB Knock Out • MF Pink 3-4’x3-4′, Bushy
White Knock Out • MF White 3 1/2’x3 1/2′, Compact, Bushy
The Knock Out Pink • MF Bringht Pink 3-4’x3-4′, Bushy
The Knock Out Petite • MF Fire-Engine, Non-Fading Red Petite; Mature Plants are 18″Tall
Rose Tree
Easy To Please NF Deep rosey-red
Julia Child NF Yellow