Selections for 2019

Variety OWN ROOT FRAGANT Color Habit Notes
Key: Own Root P Fragrance F slight FF Moderate FFF strong  Habit Medium 3-4′ Tall 4′-6′
Hybrid Tea Roses
Large flowers, generally long cutting stem. Medium-to tall in habit. Winter protection suggested.
All My Loving FF Light red to dark pink Tall, slightly spreading
Chrysler Imperial F Velvety dark red Medium, upright
Double Delight F Cream/blushing red Medium
Earth Angel Perfuma Y FF Pink cream 5′ Peonly shaped bloom New 2019
Firefighter FFF Dusky velvet red Medium-tall upright bushy
Fragrant Cloud FFF Deep coral red-orange Medium/bushy
Good As Gold F Deep golden orange-yellow Tall/upright &bushy
Grande Amore Eleganza Y F Bright red 4′ Very disease resistant New 2019
Gypsy Soul Eleganza Y FF Red 3 1/2′ Good disease resist New 2019
Ingrid Bergman F Clear bright red Medium-low/bushy
Lasting Love F Dusky red Medium/upright
Love & Peace F Yellow blushed pink Medium/upright-bushy
Mister Lincoln F Velvet deep red Tall/upright
Moonlight Romantica* Y FFF Light yellow Upright, bushy, up to 6′ New 2019
Oh Happy Day Eleganza* Y F Cream apricot 4-5′ New 2019
Opening Night F True bright red Medium-tall upright
Peace F Lemon yellow/edged pink Medium/bushy
Pinkerbelle Y FFF Picotte pink/lavendar Bushy upright 5 1/2′ New 2019
Pretty Lady FF Dark pink Medium/upright
Princess Charlene de Monaco Y FFFF Light apricot pink Upright bushy 5′
Sweet Mademoiselle Y FFFF Peachy pink Upright  5′ New for 2018
Sugar Moon F Pure white Tall/upright
Tiffany FFF Phlox pink Medium-tall upright
Grandiflora Roses
Large flowers  borne in clusters. Taller in habit. Suitable for cutting
About Face F Golden orange Tall/upright
All Dressed Up F Medium pink Medium-tall New 2019
Dream Come True F Yellow ruby blend Tall/upright/bushy
Happy Go Lucky F Pure yellow Medium-tall/ rounded bushy
Queen Elizabeth F Clear pink Tall/upright
Parade Day FFF Striped fushia pink Medium-tall/upright
Rock & Roll FFF Burgandy &cream stripe Medium/upright, full
Sweet Spirit Y FFF Red Bushy, rounded 3-4′ New 2019
Twilight Zone F Deep velvet purple Medium/rounded
Floribunda Roses
Medium sized flowers borne in clusters. More compact in habit.
Artic Blue FF Lilac pink-fading lavender Medium-tall upright New 2019
Bolero FFF White Medium/bushy Good for cutting
Brick House Y F Dark red Medium/bushy New for 2018
Celestial Night FF Plum purple- rasberry reverse Medium/upright bushy   Medium-upright, bushy New 2019
Cinco De Mayo F Smoky lavender-orange bl Medium/rounded bushy
Day Breaker F Pastel peach &yellow Medium-tall/upright bushy
Distant Drums F Unusual tan-orchid pink Medium/upright
Easy Does It F Mango peach & apricot Medium/rounded bushy
Gilded Sun Y F Deep yellow Upright, bushy, up to 5′ New 2019
Julia Child FF Butter gold Medium-tall/ bushy
Ketchup & Mustard F Red/yellow bicolor Medium/rounded bushy
Life of the Party FFF Yellow kissed with pink Medium/upright  bushy New 2019
Livin Easy F Apricot orange blend Medium/rounded
Love Song F Clear lavender Medium rounded/bushy
Oh My! F Deep red velvet Medium-tall/upright bushy
Summer Romance Parfuma FFF Pink 4′
Climbing Roses
Long arching canes can be trained to grown on structures. *See also David Austin climber/shrubs
Cloud 10 Y F Pure white 7-8′ hardy
Cherry Frost Y F Dark red 6′ very hardy New 2019
Dublin Bay Clear red 8′-10′
Eden Y Pink blend  8′-10′
Lady In Red F Dark red 8-10′ New for 2018
New Dawn F Cameo pink 18′-20′ Vigorous
Sally Holmes Buff buds open pure white 6-12′
 Tangerine Skies Arborose Y FFF Orange 8’x4′ New 2019
Quicksilver Arborose Y F Purple, lavendar 7’x4′ New 2019
Sky’s The Limit F Buttery yellow 10′-12′
Stormy Weather F Smoky purple-magenta 8′-10′
Westerland FFF Apricot orange 10-12′
William Baffin Y Pink 8′-10′ Very hardy
Zepherine Drouhin FFF Cerise pink 8′-10′    *thornless
David Austin English Roses * can be used  as a climber
 A collection of beautiful shrubs, with old fashioned flower form & fragrance.
Boscobel Y FFF Coral-pink 4′ upright
Carding Mill Y FFF Apricot blend Upright 4′
Crown Princess Margareta  * Y FF Apricot -orance Vigorous climber
Desdemona Y FFF White 4′
Fighting Temeraire FF Rich apricot 3′ spreading habit New 2019
Graham Thomas * Y FF Rich yellow 4’+ shrub/climber
Imogen Y F Pale yellow Upright 4′ New 2019
Lady of Shalott Y FF Rich orange-red tones Bushy, slightly arching 5′
St. Swithum * Y FFF Soft pink Tall, vigorous 6’+/climber
The Alnwick Rose Y FF Rich pink 4′ bushy, upright.
The Ancient Mariner FFF Glowing pink 4′ Upright New 2019
The Generous Gardener   * FFF Pale pink 5’+ /climber
Easy Elegance Roses
All The Rage* Y Apricot Blend  3′-4′
Calypso* Y Apricot blend 2’x2′
Grandma’s Blessing* Y Medium pink 3′
Kashmir* Y Dark red 4′
Kiss Me Y FFF Pink Blend 3′-4′
Macy’s Pride Y Creamy white 4′-5′
My Girl Y Deep pink 3-4′
Pinktopia* Y Medium pink 4′
Sunrise Sunset* Y Pink Blend Spreading 3’+
Super Hero* Y Medium red  3′-4′
Sweet Fragrance* Y FF Apricot  3′-4′
Shrub Roses
Milwaukee’s Calatrava Y FFFF White Tall/bushy, 4-5′ New 2019
Miracle on the Hudson F Red 3-5′ Very disease resistant
Red Ribbons   *Groundcover Y Bright lasting red Medium-low/spreading
Top Gun FF Red Medium/rounded & bushy
Brindebella Series -limited
quantities information pending
Drift Roses  Groundcover
 Apricot Drift * Y Apricot 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Pink Drift * Y Pink 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
Red Drift* Y Red 1.5′ h x 2.5 w
 Sweet Drift * Y Pink 1.5′ h x 3′ w
Miniature Roses
Baby Paradise Y Lavender pink Bushy, 12-15″
Ruby Ruby* Y Cherry red 12″-18″ rounded
Sunblaze Autumn Y Orange, red Bushy, 12-15″
Sunblaze Candy Y Pink striped Bushy, rounded 18-24″
Sunblaze Cherry Y F Red Compact 12-15″
Sunblaze Mandarin Y F Bright orange Upright, 15-18″
Knock Out Roses
Blushing Knock Out* Y Light pink  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Coral Knock Out* Y Coral H:4′
Double Knock Out * Y Cherry red  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Pink Double Knock Out  * Y Bubble gum pink  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Knock Out   * Y Cherry red  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
Sunny Knock Out * Y FF Creamy yellow  fades to white  H:3′-4′  W:3′-4′
 White Knock Out* Y FF White 3′ Medium/compact